NBC 'Biggest Loser' best of videos from March 2

NBC sent the video wrap up from last night's "Biggest Loser."

See how Darrell has fared in the “Where Are They Now” clip, to see his ongoing fight to stay in shape.

You can get tips for your own fight, too, this time from Ali.

Look below for her weight loss tip this week. You can get even more of The Biggest Loser experience by watching the bonus scenes that didn’t air last night.

One is below - where Stephanie confronts Michael during the competition.

And, preview Week 8 with the “Next On” clip!

BIGGEST LOSER Where Are They Now:

Week 7- Darrell Check out how Darrell looks today!

Bonus Scenes: Week 7 - Stephanie's Confrontation

Stephanie confronts Michael about his true intentions.

Ali's Tip (03/02/10)

Ali gives you a tip on how to get your kids excited about vegetables.

Next On: Black Vs. Blue Out to make the impossible possible.

All-New Biggest Loser, Tuesday 8/7c.

Week Seven Watch what happens when the teams go Blue versus Black with the Two-Minute Replay.

Week 7- Elimination Part 1

Darrell and Cheryl fight to avoid elimination, but somebody goes home.

Week 7 - Elimination Part 2

The teams have to decide who to eliminate in week seven.

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