NBC's 'The Biggest Loser' leaves us hanging, the best of clips from Feb. 9

NBC's "The Biggest Loser" has left us all with a three week hiatus thanks to the Winter Olympics. Also, the show's trainer Jillian Michaels is under a bit of fire for her weight loss supplements, and is being sued.

The last episode saw the contestants training in Colorado with the Olympians.  The group even hefted a torch replica with para-Olympic contestant Allison Jones.

Two Olympic skiiers, Julia Mancuso and Speedy Peterson and speedskater JR Celski showed them some of their training methods.

For the main challenge, biathlete Kelly Underkofler led them in a challenge in which they had to run a lap and "shoot" at a target that represented another contestant.

There were five targets next to each contestant's name, and when all five were hit, that person was out.

First to be eliminated was Lance, followed by Melissa, Miggy and Daris.

Then figure skater Rock Brubaker worked out with the group and it was time to weigh in.

O'Neal went first and lost 8 pounds, (he already had immunity). Michael was next, and lost 11 pounds, then Stephanie lost 4, Sunshine 6, Koli 9, Andrea 7, Darrell 5 and Sam 12.

Sherry was next and lost 3 pounds, followed by Ashley with 6. Daris lost 9 and has the highest percentage of weight loss among them all so far. Cheryl lost 3, which put her at the bottom with Darrell. Miggy lost 7 pounds, bringing her down to 199, the first time she's been below 200 for a long time.

Lance went next and lost 9 pounds. So it was now down to Melissa, who gained a pound and automatically fell below the red line. She said it was time to see her kids and cried and told her husband to stay and keep losing the weight.

The below the yellow line was Cheryl and Darrell. But Alison announced that they would not be voted on by the others this week, instead they faced an elimination challenge to determine who stays. Their challenge was to balance a torch stem on their head while squatting on a platform.... "To Be Continued" came across the screen. After the Olympics we will reconvene with the group to see who goes.

NBC fired us the best of clips for you to watch and relive, and catch up with Melissa in the “Where Are They Now”!

Olympian Speedy Peterson tries to help Michael with some motivational words. And, you can get some special advice from Speedy in this week’s Trainer Tips – those are below too!

BIGGEST LOSER Two-Minute Replay:

Week Six (2/09/10)

The players get Olympic training from the pros. Catch up fast!

Week 6 Elimination

One player falls below the red line and is automatically eliminated.

Where Are They Now: Week 6 –

Melissa Check out how Melissa looks today!

Bonus Scenes: Week 6 -

Michael's Challenge Speedy Peterson gives Michael some motivational words.

Trainer Tips 1 (2/9/10)

Speedy Peterson gives you a challenge.

Trainer Tips 2 (2/9/10)

Bob and Jillian want you to support this year's Olympics in Vancouver.

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