Toni Collette deals with more alters, United States of Tara new preview clips

"The United States of Tara" brings on a new season, as Toni Collette's afflicted Tara deals with her Dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D) with meds and more alters to add to the mix.

Showtime presented the series new season clips and its stars at the recent winter Television Critics' Association press tour in Pasadena, CA., and the panel promised that season two would see things start out seemingly under control, but all is not going to be as it seems as the season plays out. 

The series booked some great guest stars for the season, including Viola Davis and Joey Lauren Adams. 

Photo courtesy of Jordin Althaus/SHOWTIME

Photo courtesy of Jordin Althaus/SHOWTIME

Showrunner Diablo Cody told the critics that the new season will see a different approach to introducing Tara's personality changes.  "Well, one thing that was liberating about going into Season two, if you watch the first season, you know that every time Tara transitioned,  that she would have to don a new costume to signify to our audience that this is an alter.  Now that we've established those personalities with our viewers, we were able to present the alters in a more realistic manner." 

Cody revealed the main points of the new season. "It's a little looser.  It's a little more realistic.  It's a little more fluid.  And I think, especially in the episodes that you saw, hopefully, you'll notice that Buck is kind of a more pared-down version of Buck, as opposed to being this very obvious switch for her.  And that was something that we had been looking forward to doing, and I think it's effective."

Showtime has sent Monsters and Critics the latest "United States of Tara" Season Two Trailer Emmy as Golden Globe winner Toni Collette returns for a new season of United States of Tara.

New season premieres Monday, March 22nd at 10:30PM

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