Biggest Loser video recap: When will someone flick Jillian off her treadmill perch?

The Biggest Loser contestants have the most amazing self-restraint when it comes to not reacting to trainer Jillian Michael's Johnny on the Spot psychology.

Last night I was convinced that Pink team's Ashley was going to smack her right off that treadmill perch where Michaels barks out, "3.2 MPH at a 3 incline? What are you kidding? Crank it up to 5! oh wahhhhh" (that last bit was made up).

Last night’s episode featured an elimination without a vote, watch the elimination clip below to see what happened.

The challenge for the teams was a football drill where the individuals from each team had to move from side to side and hit color-coded pads over and over to 1000. The winner got immunity (making two immune teams this week), while the last-place team got a two-pound penalty at the weigh-in. Pink Team earned that waaahwah.

Likeable Michael won the challenge, narrowly beating Sam of the Gray team.

Catch up with John in the “Where Are They Now” clip to see how he’s doing today. There is even more from the episode that you didn’t see last night in the bonus scenes – hear from Miggy about her addition to the ranch with the scene included below or watch even more on the official site here:

Where Are They Now:

Week 5 – John Check out how John looks today and he what he does to get motivated. 

Bonus Scenes Week 5 -

Miggy's Update Miggy is happy to see the latest addition to the ranch.

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