Biggest Loser Danny Cahill gets excess skin removal from The Doctors, Feb. 5

On Friday, February 5, The Doctors welcomes Danny Cahill, the recent Season 8 winner from the reality show “The Biggest Loser” to discuss how things have changed for him since he dropped 239 pounds.

Danny has no idea what they have planned to help him live his best life now that he’s lost the weight.

Land surveyor and musician Danny Cahill, 40, of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, became the biggest “Biggest Loser” of all time when he went from 430 to 191 pounds.  “Losing all the weight was a weight lifted off my soul,” Danny states.  “I’m able to pursue my passions again and try to get people motivated to do what I did, to wake up.”

After Dr. Ordon asks Danny to lift his shirt, revealing extra skin around his waist, stomach, and breast areas, the doctors address the fact that people who lose a severe amount of weight are typically left with an excessive amount of loose skin – and that’s when reconstructive surgeon Dr. Ordon surprises Danny by announcing that THE DOCTORS wants to arrange for him to have surgery and then follow him as he begins this new chapter in his life.

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