Men's figure skater 'Good' Johnny Weir on Sundance, Jan. 18

The sports world has had several outspoken stars over the years: Muhammed Ali, Bobby Riggs, Kimbo Slice and now Johnny Weir, an American men's figure skating champion, described by some as a 'Liberace meets Bruno' fusion of diva-like drama who delivers the goods on the ice.

A smalltown Pennsylvania boy, Johnny Weir excelled in school, learning Russian and studying linguistics before his expanding skating career took him away from college.  Johnny was the U.S. champion from 2004 through 2006.  Ranked eight in the world, Johnny is currently going for a spot on the Olympic team

Now Weir will be front and center in an eight-part Sundance Channel original documentary series. "Be Good Johnny Weir" explores Johnny's world and all the trimmings as the three-time U.S. National Figure Skating Champion and World Medalist takes us inside his private life.

The series airs Mondays at 10:30pm e/p beginning January 18.

The series is a portrait of an athlete whose personality is expansive, witty, sharp as the multi-talented Weir can maneuver the New York fashion world as easily as he performs on the ice.

His candid, irreverent and humorous responses at press events combined with the chops to pull off amazing athletic feats makes Weir a watchable event.

Weir loves to shine, literally.  His sparkly, self-designed "onesie" costumes and odd get-ups use oiled-up Lycra, sassy tasseled pink epaulets and enough rhinestones and glitter to cover the Rockettes.

Weir is currently fighting to secure his place on the U.S. Olympic team. The Sundance series follows Weir as he competes all over the globe, culminating in his appearance at the U.S. Men's Nationals now taking place in January, the results of which determine whether or not he will vie for the gold in Vancouver.

Recently ESPN caught up with Weir, and talked about his total package of fashion, fierceness and talent on the ice.

"To sum up my idea of on-ice fashion sense is that 'Too much is never enough,'" Weir told ESPN. "And on Sunday (Jan. 17) I am wearing fur."

Weir tells ESPN he is tired of PETA's harping on his fur-loving ways.

"PETA has been up my butt since the 2006 Olympic Games," Weir told ESPN. "I get postcards and nasty hate mail and videotapes of animals being skinned. And while I feel bad and understand their side of things, I take my little autograph card and I sign my name and I draw a chipmunk with X's over its eyes and I mail it back. Don't attack me for a personal choice. You're protecting animals. We have soldiers dying all over the world. Choose your battles. Don't pick on me."

"Be Good Johnny Weir" is directed and produced by James Pellerito and David Barba, who will also serve as Executive Producers for Sundance. The series is directed, produced and co-financed by Original Media. .

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