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NBC's The Biggest Loser video recap, do you know how to lose weight?

By April MacIntyre Jan 13, 2010, 20:36 GMT

NBC's The Biggest Loser video recap, do you know how to lose weight?

Jillian Michaels - NBC fired over highlights from The Biggest Loser from this week. © Chris Hatcher / PR Photos

NBC sent us the recap for The Biggest Loser.

Check in with Patti and her continuing fight to keep the weight off in this week’s “Where Are They Now”.

We also have a bonus scene below where Jillian and Bob debate about the importance of keeping the White team around for the sake of Michael.

And, get a preview of new week’s episode with the “Next On” clip.

There’s even more bonus material on top of that – get training tips from Dr. H and Jillian and follow Shay in the real world with her video blog.

You can find even more from Shay plus more bonus scenes from last night on the official site: here.

BIGGEST LOSER Where Are They Now:

Week 2 – Patti [3:14] Check out how Patti looks today!

Bonus Scenes: Week 2 - Trainers' Desperation [1:32]

Jillian and Bob argue over how to keep Michael on the ranch.

Next On: Turning Point [0:30]

A team challenge leads to a distressing result. All-New Biggest Loser, Tuesday 8/7c.


Training Tips (1/12/10) [0:20] Dr. H gives you advice on how to make a change.


Training Tips 2 (1/12/10) [0:18]

Jillian quizzes you on how much you know about losing weight.

Shay’s Video blog: Shay's Excitement [1:56]

Shay shows you her brand-new wellness room.

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