NBC's The Biggest Loser James Crutchfield interview plus recap videos

NBC's The Biggest Loser said goodbye to James Crutchfield (Human resources director), 30, leaving behind his twin brother, John Crutchfield (Senior marketing manager), 30, of Orlando, Florida to continue the fight on fat.

Monsters and Critics spoke to James today and got the low down from him on the Biggest Loser experience.

From a vanity standpoint what part of your anatomy are you anxious to get really toned and - that you're really psyched about getting in shape - that you're really proud of?

James Crutchfield: I've always had - and it's funny because, I don't know if they showed it because I haven't watched the premiere yet but Jillian - you made a comment about my legs.

So I've always had kind of toned muscular legs. But my upper body has always been, where I carried most of my weight.

So I'm really anxious to see my arms and my chest become toned and muscular is what I would like to see. And it's getting there,  You look at yourself in the mirror a couple times a week and flex your muscles and see how far you've come.

And that's what I'm most looking forward to. And I work on it a lot at the gym right now is upper body. I mean, I work upper and lower body but...
that's the one I most look forward to toning up.

Right. Now your biography says you're a human resources Director.

James Crutchfield: Yes.

So part of your job you assess people on their resume. Did you also kind of visually assess people to when they come in how they're dressed, are they professional? Do you feel in our life that you've been unfairly assessed by the fact that you have carried this weight and do you have any stories to share about that or feelings like that you've been unfairly assessed by other people?

James Crutchfield: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, interviewing people obviously, me being the size I am,  I mean, me more than anybody am able to push that aside and look at somebody's credentials.

But it's human nature,  it is human nature to have a bias towards somebody based on their physical appearance or their weight before you get to talk to them... before you ask them questions. I mean, anybody who says otherwise is really not being truthful. I remember coming right out of college finishing my undergrad and I did no less than 30-something interviews - not where I was interviewing, I was being interviewed for the job.

And I was just shocked at the time, the economy was going pretty well, it wasn't like what it was. And I was shocked how hard it was to find a job. And it was always in the back of my mind that, it's probably because of my weight.

I didn't want to admit it. I didn't think,  I didn't want to believe that, people do that. But, I came to the realization that people are human and first impressions are the biggest impression you can make.

So it's an unfortunate thing and I think, real seasoned professionals in human resources look past that and can move past that. But, there's a lot of professionals and there's a lot of human resource professionals unfortunately that probably still look at somebody's physical appearance more than they should. You should really consider their credentials more.

Interesting.  I watched last night and you and your wife enjoy cooking together and making your own food at home and eating cleaner. And I think when you eat at home you eat cleaner in general. Do you feel that eating out has been a big culprit for so many people in this show for weight gain just careless eating - eating outside of the home?

James Crutchfield: Yeah definitely, I mean, I think definitely in today's society you can't drive one block without seeing some type of fast food restaurant... at least where I live.

But, I mean, even in the most rural of areas, you're probably within miles of some type of fast food restaurant. And it's convenience. And, today's world is so fast paced, everybody with their Blackberries and iPhones and laptops and everybody's on the go,  just to keep up and compete. And fast food is something that, gives people, a quick fix. And it's horrible for you.

But you do see a trend where fast - restaurants are offering, healthy alternatives because there's been a lot of studies done it and, people, I mean, especially in the United States,  I think a third of the population is obese.

So people are starting to take notice of Biggest Loser - is a good show to get that message out there that,  I know they show Subway a lot but, there are healthy alternatives at restaurants and if the restaurant doesn't have a healthy alternative then they're really behind the times because I think there's a real shift happening.

There's a long way to go but I think there's a shift in people's minds that - about fast food and about eating out, but some people still need the fast, quick convenience.

There's no reason why they can't have a healthy alternative.

Is there a food that's completely banned from the rest of your life that you will never eat again or drink again?

James Crutchfield: No. When I get to my goal weight I don't want to ban myself from something indefinitely. I think when I get to my goal weight and I'm still maintaining my weight working out five, six days a week for an hour, hour and a half a day, is my plan. You can still eat whatever you want just eat it in moderation.

And you can still have that occasional treat and that's the key right there is occasional. And the second part of that is portion control so you don't have to eat a block of cheese, you can have a couple pieces of cheese with crackers and that's fine.

So no I can't honestly sit here and say I'm going to ban something for the rest of my life because I know that's not realistic.
And I don't think people should do that.


Biggest Loser's trainer Jillian Michaels today also got in a bit of a jam when her Facebook entry was shared with the world.

From TV Guide.com:

"My baby is FINALLY home. So funny. I never used to care about being away from people I dated. I loved having the space. Now, I seem to count the seconds. Am i getting old and soft? Get a few hours together and then I am off to BL. Monkeys are back on campus. Work to be done."

A rep for NBC told TVGuide.com that the word was simply a "term of endearment.

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