Piers Morgan shares update about Susan Boyle's health

Piers Morgan spoke to Susan Boyle, and has updates on her health.

Just hours after Susan Boyle’s surprising loss on Britain’s Got Talent, she was under doctor’s care at a London mental health clinic.

Multiple British reports claim she had an “emotional breakdown” but judge Piers Morgan is clarifying the seriousness of her condition.

Today, he explained what was going on.

“I spoke to Susan yesterday. I don’t think it’s a breakdown. This is somebody who is absolutely exhausted. Emotionally, physically, mentally....Susan will be fine. She's just very tired.”

Morgan continued, “Susan is completely and utterly exhausted. I think she's found this whole roller coaster ride of the last seven weeks overwhelming...and she's gone somewhere now that she can find the peace and the quiet to get some sleep, to eat properly and get over what has been an astonishing time in her life.”

Boyle was the favorite to win this season so why did she go home in second place?

"I think it was more the case of Susan Boyle overkill. I think the whole world has been going crazy for the Boyle phenomenon for several weeks and I think it was a bit too much for some people in Britain....They just got a bit bored, a bit irritated by the whole mania surrounding Susan....It was more to do with overkill."

Although Boyle didn’t take the top prize, don’t expect her to go back to obscurity. “I think we're going to be hearing a lot more from Susan. My prediction is she'll have a number one selling album around the world in the next four or five months.”

Piers thinks that placing second might have been the best for Boyle and will help her in the long run.   "Personally I would have loved Susan to win, but I have to say having seen the way she's been overwhelmed by the fame, it may be the best thing to happen to her for her to come in second and be removed from the immediate limelight that the winner gets exposed to and can just chill out and get better soon...and come and make an amazing album."

Boyle’s loss wasn’t the only shocker on Britain’s Got Talent. During Hollie Steel’s final performance, the 10-year-old broke down on stage and through her tears, pleaded with the judges to start over to which they eventually agreed. "It was one of the most dramatic things I've ever seen...I think Simon Cowell made the most humane response and that may surprise some people and Simon showed he had a heart and I think that was the right thing."

Piers continued, "She's 10 years old and clearly the occasion got to her…One of the reasons we wanted to give her another go was we knew how good she was...She just had an attack of nerves. "

“Extra’s” interview with Piers Morgan airs tonight.


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