FX 'Rescue Me' star Michael Lombardi rocks it in Apache Stone- tour announced

"Rescue Me" is FX's excellent dramedy that features a castmember's band's music in the season's soundtrack. 
Hard-rock upstart band Apache Stone will make a sustained multi-media splash over the course of the next several months, with a self-titled debut album completed, and a major continuing part in "Rescue Me." 

The founder, lead singer and chief songwriter is the young actor Michael Lombardi, introduced to the public in 2004 as Mike Silletti, the “probie” - newly-hired probational rookie - in the firehouse of FX's multiple Emmy-nominated dramedy.  Other band members include Hank Woods, guitar; David Leatherwood, bass & background vocals; Mark Greenberg, drums, and Nick Bacon, guitar.

According to FX, in the new season, Apache Stone will be seen and heard through the year: Each of the band members have speaking roles in a plot arc tracing the formation of the group by the now-seasoned fireman Silletti, starting in the fifth episode. The band will perform two songs onstage in the last third of the show's 22-episode current run. 

Lombardi explains that the series' writing team, headed by series creator and star Denis Leary, has often drawn story lines from the cast members' real lives, “and put a comic element, or a twist on them.”

The two songs slated for the "Rescue Me" performances are “Synthetic Self” and “Social Outlaw.” 

These and two other album advance tracks are posted currently on the band's MySpace.com home page. Lombardi and the band members are also featured in video interviews about APACHE STONE's real-life history and its involvement with the series here

Their album was produced by Arthur Bacon and engineered by John Duva - both of them also noted session musicians and arrangers -- at the Connecticut's Sonalysts Studio, built as an exact sonic replica of Manhattan's legendary Power Station. 

East Coast Tour


Apr 30  Oliver's    Boston, Massachusetts

May 1   The Raven    Worcester, Massachusetts

May 8   Don Hill's    New York, New York

Jun 4   North Star Bar   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jun 6   El N Gee Club   New London, Connecticut

Jun 10   The Stephen Talkhouse  Amagansett, New York

Jun 13   Tuxedo Junction   Danbury, Connecticut

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