Bollywood Hero IFC Original miniseries starring Chris Kattan - Summer 2009

IFC announced 'Bollywood Hero', an IFC original miniseries starring Chris Kattan.

The show will debut in te summer of 2009.

From IFC:

Kattan plays himself in this otherwise fictional comedy. He is tired of being rejected as leading-man material in Hollywood and subsequently burns his professional bridges in L.A. and ventures to India in search of a starring role in a Bollywood film.  

After a chance meeting with Indian born film maker Monty Reddy, Chris heads to Mumbai to take the lead role in Peculiar Dancing Boy, the last script by Bollywood legend and Monty's deceased father, Anil Reddy. 

Fresh off the plane, Chris gets fired his first day on set and flung into a world of sibling rivalry, power hungry starlets and their astrologers, and a film that is not quite fully financed.

In his quest to become Bollywood's leading man, Chris becomes embroiled in his own 'Richard Gere' style kissing scandal, trawls the backwaters of India for his leading lady, births a goat and is hoodwinked by a wily Indian grandmother who, not speaking a word of English, mistakes him for her new dishwashing boy. 

Facing culture clashes, language barriers and complex dance moves, Kattan will stop at nothing to fulfill his dream.

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