Tila Tequila talks girl crushes and her ex boyfriend

Star of "A Shot at Love 2" - Internet skin queen Tila Tequila has opened up about ex-boyfriend Bobby Banhart, and even her girlcrush on actress Christina Ricci.

Tequila even wants to adopt Angelina Jolie’s Kkd, Pax.

Tila Tequila, the bisexual host from MTV’s dating show, "A Shot at Love 2 with Tila Tequila"  talked to Extra about ex-boyfriend Bobby Banhart.

At the end of season one, Tequila chose Bobby Banhart, but the couple broke up soon after the finale aired.  

As for the media scrutinizing the show and her relationship with Banhart, Tequila exclaimed, “I want everyone to know that with the whole Bobby situation, to just shut up because that was the past and everything that happened was real. People thought my show was fake… It’s real. People’s hearts got broken including mine and I just want everyone to know that sometimes things don’t work out, but that doesn’t mean it’s scripted.”

As for her celebrity crush, Tequila revealed, “I love Christina Ricci. She’s really hot and I think she looks kind of odd like me…I fell in love with her when I saw Black Snake Moon. She was naked in that one. I kind of drooled over her naked scenes…”

Tequila revealed she would love to live in the Playboy mansion.

“I wish I was Hugh Hefner. I just want to have a bunch of girls running around the house, cleaning up for me, cooking and I could just come home…” Tequila revealed.

As for having children, Tequila declared, “I was wondering if I could adopt one of her [Angelina Jolie's] babies. I love Pax. He’s Vietnamese like me. I was thinking of retiring and adopting a few kids of my own. Moving to somewhere really far away from Hollywood."  

When asked about her future, Tequila declared, “Next up I’m doing a lot more charity stuff because I think that once you hit a certain goal, you should give back. I think it’s important to start giving back to my fans…I’m not like Paris Hilton. People who don’t know me, they always compare me to her and I’m nothing like her. I definitely want to let people know more of a sweet side and my compassionate sides.”

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