MTV's Real World: Hollywood video preview

The 20th season of MTV's show "The Real World" will continue with its second episode on Wednesday at 10pm.

"The Real World: Hollywood", as this season is referred to, is set in Los Angeles, with seven strangers who were picked to live in an eco-retrofitted house. As the show launches its 20th season tonight, "The Real World XX: Hollywood" will introduce some unexpected twists and turns into MTV's reality bad boy.

There are four men (William Gilbert, Greg Halstead, Joey Kovar and David Malinosky) and three women (Kimberly Alexander, Sarah Ralston and Brianna Taylor) on this season.

The cast seems to all be interested in entertainment. Joey and David are aspiring actors, Will is an aspiring music producer and Brianna is a singer. Greg is an aspiring model, while Kimberly and Sarah are aspiring news reporters.

You know the sexual tension, ferocious fights and nattering nonsense are what audiences have come to expect from "The Real World," TV's longest running reality series.

These hopefuls will individually pursue their dreams of Hollywood stardom. The move, according to producers, should add a new level of dramatic intensity to the MTV hit.

Meet the new Hollywood cast:

Joey, 24 – Chicago, IL

A true blue Chicagoan, Joey has never ventured outside the state.  A personal trainer and a former bodybuilder, he is very devoted to his athletic training and works out all the time.  Unfortunately, Joey continues to be haunted by his troubled upbringing of alcohol and addictions.  He hopes to create his own path by following his Hollywood dream to be an actor.  However, Joey’s impossibly high expectations on himself make dealing with the highs and lows of the business most difficult.  Will it lead to his destruction?

Kimberly, 24 – Columbia, SC

With her southern belle charm, Kimberly sometimes is perceived as a ditzy blonde but her naïveté comes from growing up in a small town.  Raised in a conservative religious household, Kimberly rebelled against the restrictive rules.  She is a ball of energy, loves to be around people and have a fun time.  Outspoken, she sometimes doesn’t think before she speaks and her comments can be offensive to others.  Kimberly’s goal is to be the host of an entertainment show.

Dave, 22 – Waynesboro, PA

Outgoing and fun, Dave loves to be the center of attention and will do anything for a laugh – or to see someone’s shocked expression.  A natural athlete, Dave likes to play any and all sports – from football, to cheerleading, to triathlons.  He is very comfortable in front of the camera and would like to be an actor or television host.

Sarah, 21 – Phoenix, AZ

A recent graduate from Arizona State, Sarah is serious about becoming a broadcast journalist.  A newfound feminist, she still retains strong conservative, traditional views.  Sarah, who is Hispanic, is very close to her family, and this is the first time she has lived so far from home.  Her move to Hollywood puts a strain on her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend – who used to be her debate coach.

Will, 23 – Detroit, MI

Charismatic and witty, Will is the ladies’ man of the house.  Determined to be a successful music producer, Will is a bit of a hustler and will hit the streets to sell the music he has written.  Back in Detroit, he worked as a DJ, performing at parties and bar mitzvahs.  Will continues to create “beats” and to show off his moves – on and off the dance floor.

Brianna, 20 – Philadelphia, PA

Brianna is a self-defined “Philly girl” – she tells it like it is and doesn’t allow others to disrespect her.  An ethnic mix of German, African-American and Puerto Rican, she hides a very sensitive side beneath her tough exterior.  Until she moved to Hollywood, Brianna worked as an exotic dancer and left behind a volatile relationship with her boyfriend.  Her passion is singing – and she was among the top 45 to compete on “American Idol” (season five).  Does she have the ambition to make it in the business?

Greg, 20 – Daytona Beach, FL

Greg is the first “Real World” roommate selected by the viewers in an online casting vote with the online name “PretyBoy” – and has dubbed himself “The Chosen One.”  With an unusual outlook on people – he refers to everyone else as “peasants” and all women are “associates,” he is extremely competitive when it comes to sports and academics.  His attitude does not make him the favorite in the house – especially when he plays pranks on everyone.  Although he studies Criminal Justice at the University of Florida, Greg’s dream is to be a high-end fashion model.

“The Real World” launched the modern reality television genre and is the longest-running reality series in history.  Past seasons have taken place in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Miami, Boston, Seattle, Hawaii, New Orleans, Chicago, Las Vegas, Paris, San Diego, Philadelphia, Austin, Key West, Denver and Sydney.  The first season, set in New York City, debuted in 1992.  Each season, the show brings seven young strangers to live together in a new city and rolls the cameras 24-7, witnessing as their lives intersect, their ideas are challenged and their passions emerge. 

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