'It's Always Sunny' screen test college tour

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is an FX sitcom created by Rob McElhenney about four friends - "The Gang" - who run an Irish bar, "Paddy's Pub", in Philadelphia.

The series deals with a variety of controversial topics, including abortion, gun control, racism, sexism, religion, trannies, slavery, sexual harassment in education, and gay rights. all interspersed with retro plucky strings and perky 1960's sitcom music in between acts, think "Family Affair."

The show began as a pilot called "It's Always Sunny on TV" and was shot on a digital camcorder by creators Day, Howerton and McElhenney. After viewing the homemade pilot, FX Networks executives gave them $400,000 to shoot the first season.

In an August 3, 2006 interview on The Daily Show, actor Danny DeVito specified that the cost of the pilot was only $85.



According to Rob McElhenney, word of mouth on the show was good enough during the first season for FX to renew it for a second, which premiered on June 29, 2006. In the new season Danny DeVito joined the cast, playing the father of Dennis (Howerton) and Dee (Olsen).

The Gang

Glenn Howerton as Dennis Reynolds: Dennis is Dee's twin brother, co-owner of Paddy's, and roommates with Mac. He is confident, vain and generally successful with women. He and his sister come from a well-to-do family, and he dresses relatively well and drives a Land Rover. Dennis tends to be a bit nostalgic - he nearly cries over the memory of Tim Murphy sleeping with his prom date in high school, and complains to Mac about his love for Mr. Tibbs, a stuffed elephant from his childhood. Before owning the bar, Dennis' dream was to be a veterinarian. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and minored in psychology.

Kaitlin Olson as Diandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds: Sweet Dee, or Dee is Dennis' twin sister and bartender at Paddy's. She is vain like her brother, and reacts strongly to any criticism. She often finds herself in romantic situations with men that she cannot have for a variety of reasons (including their homosexuality, priesthood, marital status, criminal ways and age). She proclaims to be a compassionate liberal, but many of her actions contradict that. She is disgusted by Charlie's apartment and the elderly. She usually tries to disengage herself from other people's troubles, and is willing to lie for self benefit. In high school, she missed out on her prom and did not have much luck with men because of her severe scoliosis. She used to wear a back brace and attended physical therapy twice a week after school with Matthew Moira ("Rickety Kricket"). Dee gets nervous when she's around a guy that she likes and has a tendency to abuse alcohol in order to calm herself or compensate for her perceived inadequacies. She completed "three quarters" of a psychology major at the University of Pennsylvania, and is an aspiring yet unsuccessful actress.

Rob McElhenney as Mac: Mac is a childhood friend of Charlie's and attended St. Vincent's Elementary School with him. Mac is a co-owner of Paddy's, and roommates with Dennis. Mac is the only one of the group who claims to have earnest religious faith, although it has little impact on his ethics. In high school, Mac used to sell weed to the other kids. He worries about his appeal to women (and possibly pre-op trans-sexuals) and often competes with Dennis for their affection. His estranged father is currently in prison on drug charges, which does little to stop him from recruiting his son into heroin trafficking. He is hot-headed, and because of this he is often described by strangers as an asshole.

Charlie Day as Charlie Kelly: Charlie is a childhood friend of Mac (Charlie attended St. Vincent's Elementary School with Mac) and co-owner of Paddy's. At the bar, he is responsible for "Charlie work," the worst and most disgusting jobs at the bar. He is known to be poor and his apartment is often described by friends and strangers as a "shit hole". He agreed to be roommates with Frank on the condition that Frank pay the rent for 6 months. He is often the butt of the group’s jokes even though he has a Napoleon complex and is more than likely dyslexic; up until the episode "The Gang goes Jihad" Charlie had no knowledge of the War on Terror; it is suspected that he has a learning disability, and he is probably illiterate. Like the rest of "the Gang", Charlie is incredibly dishonest. The most serious example would be when he lied about having cancer to attract the sympathy of the Waitress, with whom he is obsessed. Still, Charlie retains a kind of sweet-natured innocence that contrasts sharply with the selfishness and amorality of the show's other characters.

Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds: Frank is the father of Dennis and Dee, and is introduced in the first episode of the series' second season. After going through an acrimonious divorce and midlife crisis, he initially planned on giving his wealth to charity. He was quickly inspired by the gang's life of lazy debauchery, however, and decided to use his money to live like them. He eventually bought a share of the bar, and currently shares Charlie's sofa-bed with him. At the end of Season 2 it was discovered that Frank is not the father of Dennis and Dee and is in fact Charlie's father.

Now FX has arranged the "Welcome to the Sunny Road Trip Experience" where you get the chance to enjoy "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" like never before.

What would it be like to be in a scene with the Sunny gang? This could be your chance to find out. Check out the tour map and schedule to see where you can hook up with the Sunny RV tour.

At the event you can be a guest star in the ‘Join the Cast’ Screen Test, enjoy the Paddy’s beverage bar, watch exclusive trailers and behind the scenes videos, and get your hands on Sunny giveaways.

Your ‘Join the Cast’ Sunny debut will be posted right here: www.sunnyroadtripexperience.com for you to view so be sure to check back.

Tour Schedule

Friday, 8/24-Saturday, 8/25

Market: San Francisco/Bay Area

College: U of California-Berkeley

Times/Location: 8/24: 10a-5p, 8/25: 10a-4p Caltopia at the Recreational Sports Facility –on Spieker Plaza

APPEARANCE ALERT:  Special appearance by the cast from 12pm-2pm on Friday!

Thursday, 8/30

Market: Los Angeles

College: USC

Time/Location: 11a-4p McCarthy Quad

APPEARANCE ALERT: Special appearance by the cast from 12pm-2pm!

Wednesday, 9/5

Market: Chicago

College: U of Illinois-Chicago

Time/Location 10a-5p (still finalizing time) North end of Lecture Center Plaza (near Student Center East)

Friday, 9/7

Market: Washington DC

College: U of Maryland

Times: 11a-4p

Monday, 9/10

Market: Philadelphia

College: U of Pennsylvania

Time/Location: 11a-4p U PENN Bookstore at 36th Street & Walnut Street

Wednesday, 9/12

Market: New York

College: Hofstra U

Time/Location: 11a-4p The Mack Student Center

Thursday, 9/13

Market: Boston

College: Boston U

Time/Location: 11a-4p Marsh Plaza near George Sherman Union (GSU) on Commonwealth Avenue

More info: www.SunnyRoadTripExperience.com

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