You Tube 'Chocolate Rain' star Tay Zonday on CNN

Tay Zonday was interviewed on CNN this morning, the grad student who is a hobbyist musician is bowled over by the response to his "Chocolate Rain" song that has scored over 4 million views on You Tube so far.

"I take it a day at a time, " said Zonday.  He discussed the followup to the "Rain" song, "oh yeah, I am always putting music up on You Tube."

"I get a lot of messages asking is my voice real," Zonday assured CNN that it was, who asked if he could sign out with the traditional CNN close, "This is CNN."

When asked what the meaning was for him, he shrugged it off as whatever the listener makes of it, to enjoy the beat of the song and that it mentioned issues of racism, yet claimed it was not a "dogmatic" statement.


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