HBO's Entourage: Harvey Weinstein veritas

Harvey Weinstein is a larger than life producer, and HBO's Entourage had a bit of fun with him on their latest episode.

The writers fashioned an allegedly accurate depiction of Weinstein, "Sorry, Harvey." Harvey (played by Maurey Chaikin) who intimidates E so much that Vince's manager can't bring himself to tell him that they're putting their film "Medellin" on the open market in Cannes, and not selling it to him.

The character of Harvey is supposed to be based on Harvey Weinstein of Miramax Films, and actor Maury Chaykin does an impressive job on the character.  Harvey's reaction to the episode was a good one:  "He thinks Entourage is a fun and entertaining show," said a Weinstein spokeswoman to Variety.

In the episode, the ongoing Vince dream project of 'Medellin' is still in play, as E meets Harvey for dinner to tell him face to face that they are going to wait for the screening at Cannes to sell the film.

That night over dinner E sees first hand that Harvey is a tyrant as he insults the waiter over the salad and sees a man at the restaurant he'd like to kill.

He even threatens E while holding a knife. Later on at a club, Harvey again loses it on another waiter and gets tossed.



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