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ABC Family launches for 'Greek'

By April MacIntyre Jun 29, 2007, 20:24 GMT

ABC Family launches for 'Greek'

ABC Family\'s "Greek" is set at the fictional Ohio college Cypress-Rhodes University. wide-eyed Freshman Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar) arrives on campus, and he finds his dorm room and meets his roommate, Dale (Clark Duke), a deeply religious young man. Rusty is in the honor physics program, and he decides to rush a fraternity. Rusty is the opposite of his sister, Casey (Spencer Grammer), who is also a student at CRU. A ...more

In May, ABC Family did a very clever thing for their new show, "Greek."  ABC launched, a social networking site designed to support and link fans of the new ABC Family original series “Greek.”

“Greek” will premiere on ABC Family on July 9th. “Greek,” is a new original series by creator Sean Smith, is a dramedy set at fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University, which focuses on the social minefield that is the Greek system.

“ABC Family has had another strong year of on-air ratings growth and increased online traffic with our key adult millennial audience," said Paul Lee, president, ABC Family.

" is a perfect example of how we are extending  the experience of our content via digital platforms as well as providing advertisers new and interesting ways to reach our core demo.”

Indeed in the age of MySpace and Face book.  The network has tapped into the generation that uses the digitial world to reinforce their smallscreen experiences, the show being centered around collegiate life makes perfect sense to have a fan based website to connect like-minded viewers. will allow end users to join the fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University Greek system by creating a personal profile and uploading content. They offer a personality quiz to see which character of the show they most resemble and then can “rush” the virtual sorority/fraternity house of that character.

Users can join one of six different houses such as “Slacker” Cappie’s house or “It Girl” Casey’s house. They can also interact with other users, participate in a virtual community alongside the characters featured in “Greek” and be ranked by the community to be eligible to win various prizes.

"We need to meet our audience where they are today," said KC Estenson, vice president, digital media, Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group.   “ allows us to do just this by combining the best elements of storytelling, competition and community to deepen our audience’s relationship with our programming and with each other. “

To use you must be 18 years or older, but younger fans can also visit the site, vote for their favorite photos & videos, and post comments.  

The ten one-hour episodes will be produced by Piller/Segan (“Wildfire”) in association with ABC Family.  The pilot was directed by Gil Junger (“10 Things I Hate About You,” “Kyle XY”) and written by creator-producer Sean Smith (“Summerland,” “Wildfire”).

The ensemble cast includes Jacob Zachar as Rusty, Spencer Grammer as Casey, Scott Michael Foster as Cappie, Jake McDorman as Evan, Clark Duke as Dale, Dilshad Vadsaria as Rebecca, Paul James as Calvin and Amber Stevens as Ashleigh.


Rusty (Jacob Zachar) is determined to make his college experience more exciting than his high school years, which he spent with his head buried in the books. His answer… no more geek, he’s going Greek! However, he faces one small obstacle…his sister!

Casey (Spencer Grammer), already ensconced as a sorority siren and not too keen on having her younger brother invade her world, is a high achiever and is already at the top of her sorority game.  As next in line to become the president of her sorority Zeta Beta Zeta, she can be seen around campus with fraternity hottie, Evan.                                                                    










Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), president of the Kappa Tau, known for its outrageous parties, is Casey’s crazy cool ex-boyfriend, who by all accounts cannot be taken seriously.  However, he just might prove to be more than meets the eye.

Evan (Jake McDorman) is the president of one of Cypress Rhodes top fraternities Omega Chi and clearly one of the most sought after men on campus.  Together, he and Casey are considered campus royalty.










Dale (Clark Duke), Rusty’s roommate, is a fellow engineering school student, who holds some rather conservative and unusual ideals.  His disdain for Rusty’s pursuit of the Greek life is clear from the moment they meet and will continue to be a thorn in Rusty’s side.

Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) is a Senator’s daughter, who is considered the prize “get” for the sororities on campus, due to the prestige she would bring.  However, there is more to Rebecca than the polished exterior that could bring more trouble than prestige.










Calvin (Paul James), a newfound friend of Rusty’s, is one of those guys who always knows exactly what to say… and his story always changes to fit the room. With his ever-changing story, it is difficult to get to know the real Calvin.  










Ashleigh (Amber Stevens), Casey’s BFF, is the perfect best friend and supports Casey in her run to the top of the sorority.  For those who need to know what’s happening on campus, she is the go-to-gal for gossip.



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ABC Family's "Greek" is set at the fictional Ohio college Cypress-Rhodes University. wide-eyed Freshman Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar) arrives on campus, and he finds his dorm room and meets his ...more

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