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'Grey's Anatomy' Globes backstage drama

By Stone Martindale Jan 17, 2007, 7:09 GMT

Grey's Anatomy's Isaiah Washington isn't maintaining friendships too easily, says his co-star Katherine Heigl at the Golden Globes.  

"I'm going to be really honest right now, [Isaiah] needs to just not speak in public. Period. I'm sorry, that did not need to be said, I'm not okay with it," Heigl said about Washington's earlier outburst onstage in the Golden Globe press room.

The Grey's cast was answering questions from the press, a reporter asked the stars about the October on-set incident where "McChokey" Washington was accused of using a gender preference slur. T.R. Knight jokingly asked, "What conflict?" Then Washington jumped up to the mike and barked, "I did not call T.R. a faggot. Never happened."

His comment went over like a lead balloon.

Earlier that night Washington revealed to Access Hollywood, "I love gay. I wanted to be gay," he said. "Please let me be gay."

Last year Knight finally revealed he was gay. Washington also apologized for the remarks and on set incident.

Heigl said: "I have no idea what it was, I just find it hurtful. T.R. is my best friend. I will throw down for that kid. I will beat you up. I will use every ounce of energy I have to take you down if you hurt his feelings."

Washington attempted to explain his comments to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell. "There is no way I could do anything so vile, and so horrible, not only to a castmate, but to a fellow human being."

Washington continued his volley of salvos saying of Patrick Dempsey: "I kiss Patrick Dempsey. We sing 'Ebony and Ivory' everyday since the so-called incident and it hasn't come up. We purposely sing 'Ebony and Ivory' every night since October 9 and nobody has written about it."

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