NBC: Madness with Muse, Armisen, SNL with Daniel Craig clipapalooza

Former SNL-er Fred Armisen and Daniel Craig need to make a movie together. 

Best part of last night was the Penny Marshall and new girlfriend segments that paired the "Portlandia" star with Craig's bemused deliver, and it was magic.


Craig’s inaugural hosting duties on Saturday Night Live last night with musical guest Muse was spot on.

Below are the highlights from the show, including the Debate Cold Open, MSNBC Debate Fallout and a Big Bird update too.

As we get ready for the newest Bond films, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out Bond Girls – a look back at some of the lesser known femme fatales throughout the year.


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Debate Cold Open


Long Island Medium

MSNBC Debate Fallout

Bond Girls Construction Workers Muse: Madness Update: Big Bird Update: Cecilia Gimenez Update: Winners and Losers Working Class Drama Mars Mission Loving Couple Muse: Panic Station Update Favorites (10/6/12)


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