Miss Piggy interview: NBCís A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa and more

NBC will air a no-miss Christmas special: NBCís ďA Muppets Christmas: Letters to SantaĒ at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, December 17.

Itís Christmas, and the Muppets need to deliver a letter to Santa by Christmas Eve, all interrupted by great guest stars and hilarious Muppet moments.

Madison Pettis stars as Claire, and Jane Krakowski plays her mother Ė both who live in a building with their fuzzy Muppet neighbors.

The resident blonde bombshell, Miss Piggy, plan to join her Kermit on a romantic getaway to the Caribbean, and mother and daughter expect to celebrate alone this year.

In the action that involves femme fatale Miss Piggy, Claireís letter to Santa does not get posted in time. Gonzo enlists Fozzie and Kermit to hand-deliver the letter to Santa. Miss Piggy puts her hoof down.

The guest stars include Nathan Lane, Whoopi Goldberg, Uma Thurman and Richard Griffiths and many more.

Monsters and Critics was graced by Miss Piggyís presence and granted an interview.

How are things with you and Kermit these days?

Miss Piggy: Oh, oh, what a surprise question. I never get that. Things are going marvelously, thank you. Yes, things are as fab as ever.

And Kermit himself is as solid as ever. Heís been going out to the gym. I started making him go out to the gym and heís really toned up. I have to say that.
I think heís up to three pound weights.

What made this the right time to come back and do something for all of us?

Miss Piggy: Well, you know, Christmastime is a wonderful time of year. Itís a time of giving. And I felt whatís such a way for me to give this Christmas than to give the gift of moi in a Christmas special. So that is what I did.
And if the world feels inclined to oh, repay the favor Iím registered everywhere. Okay, so donít hesitate. Just walk into any store. Iím probably registered there. You can get me something.

Miss Piggy you have so many bountiful blessings and gifts. What could you possibly want from Santa Claus?

Miss Piggy: Well I always ask for but never seem to get a certain rock, a very shiny rock from a certain green frog. But barring that, I - well just peace, love, happiness and lots of chocolate.

So is it true that once you go froggy, you never go back?

Miss Piggy: Thatís true. Iíve never - well okay - well maybe never is a pretty strong word. But I almost never look at other men to - you donít - I know this is a bold-faced lie, but youíre not going to print this right?


Miss Piggy: Okay, good. Just checking. Which - wait a minute, which publication are you with just to make sure?

Iím with Monsters and Critics. Itís a news website.

Miss Piggy: Okay.

There are so many beautiful, famous blondes that are advocates for animal rights like, well Bridget Bardot and Pamela Anderson, and theyíre such PETA warriors. And I was wondering if you felt similarly?

Miss Piggy: Oh, I certainly object to any kind of - well...


Miss Piggy: ...cooking of - yeah, pork.   I donít really find that to be something I look forward to when I go out to eat with people and theyíre eating...ham in front of me. Itís kind of disgusting and appalling.

I would imagine. Who do you think is the most beautiful female celebrity currently?

Miss Piggy: Besides moi?

Yes, that you would give props to.

Miss Piggy: Okay. Of course, the assumption has to be made. Letís see, well, you know, we have many beautiful, talented actresses that I handpicked to costar in the Christmas special with moi.

Just to name a few: Uma Thurman, yes - you might have heard of her?

You have Petra Nemcova and Uma Thurman appearing with you on your special.

Miss Piggy: Yes, Petra Nemcova - yeah, exactly. Her and Jane Krakowski, yes, and Whoopi Goldberg. Yes, all of them. Yeah, I handpicked them myself because I find that they are beautiful people both on the inside and the out, but not nearly as beautiful as moi.

What are you getting Kermit for Christmas, if you got anything big for him this year or anything that heís been asking for?

Miss Piggy: What - I did get him something. I got - I did. You know, itís - these are times of very tight credit.
But I was able to give Kermit a new credit card with unlimited credit.
Yes, yes so he can buy me as much as he wants for the holidays. Iím giving it to him early.

So itís the gift that keeps on giving then?

Miss Piggy: Yes. Giving back - back to moi.

The bad economy, has it hit the pig population as much as it has affected the human population?

Miss Piggy: I donít really - I donít watch any television. I donít read the news. Itís just all too depressing for moi. And so I just go about my merry way and itís - and everything is just fine.

Do you have any beauty secrets?

Miss Piggy: Oh, it is true. I do keep reinventing myself. In fact, I do so, so much that I have the patent office on speed dial.

But basically, if a part gets old and wears down, falls off I - you just throw it away and get a new one. Thatís what I do.

Do you have any traditions that you celebrate every holiday season; anything you do each year?

Miss Piggy: Well, I like tradition and ritual in which Kermie and I always get together and we trim the tree on Christmas Eve. And we - and the best part about that, though is those peanut butter balls?
Yeah, gosh, those are great. Those are delicious. We have to get new ones every year because they keep disappearing.

Have you actually ever visited the real North Pole?

Miss Piggy: No, I hear itís frickiní cold up there.
But no, no I have never gone there. And as a matter of fact, we didnít go there in the special either. It is a TV show and we just did it on - we just decorated the set.
Thatís what we did. But it was still frickiní cold.

What is one of the best Christmas gifts that youíve ever received, maybe from other friends?

Miss Piggy: The best gift I was ever given, letís see, okay, thatís a tough question. You know, I get so many gifts every year. Iíd say it was - I think it was a little bookmark that somebody gave to me that was in the shape of Kermitís foot.
It was so cute. And so whenever I wanted to read, I could open up my book and there would be my little Kermieís flipper staring at me.
Sometimes I would just tickle it and pretend I was tickling his foot like I always do.

Is there anything about the holidays that really stresses you out?

Miss Piggy: Yeah, yeah, Iíll tell you what it is. Itís, when you get those little coupons in the mail, right, for, Victoriaís Secret or Tiffanyís, or some other store and you brave the weather.

You go out. You go to the store because youíve got this 20% off coupon and then you find out that thereís this little fine print on the back of the card.
That says expired ten years ago.
That really puts a wrinkle on my brow.

Whatís the message of this Christmas special?

Miss Piggy: Well, letís see. As to what the special is really about, itís about Santa Claus and - no itís not, itís not really about him at all. Well letís face it. Itís about moi.

And they put his name in the title and everything, okay, but itís really about me. Itís just that, you know, I donít go around in a sleigh every year, okay, breaking into peopleís homes.

I donít really get the fascination with Santa. Plus, thatís not for me. The special is really - itís about caring for one another and caring for those that you may not even know.

But Kermit takes it upon himself to hand deliver three letters to Santa before Christmas Eve so that three children can get their wishes. And I donít want to spoil it for you, but there are some amazing coincidences.

And itís just wonderful because Kermitís, he has such a great heart and oh, I just well up thinking about it because itís very much him. And...Okay, okay.
Iím fine now.

How good do you look in the special?

Miss Piggy: I look great. I have multiple costume changes and Iím only in it for like five minutes. So I think there might be a world record in that.
Iím very classy, I know I did that on a Christmas album, I think, or something like that on the cover. But I have all new outfits so you should definitely tune in just to see what moi is wearing.

Have you ever written a letter to Santa?

Miss Piggy: You know, I (wrote) for every avenue when it comes to getting stuff, you know. Iím not a little child. I know fantasy from reality.

But, hey, I am not going to say that Santa Claus does not exist. I am not going to say that.

Whatís your fondest memory of past Christmases?

Miss Piggy: My fondest memory? Letís see, you know, it mightíve been sitting around a campfire with my Kermie and John Denver...
Yes. And he was a very special friend to all of us. And we just sang Christmas songs together and it was wonderful. It was cold outside but we had the fire and we had our body warmth...which I shared with Kermie.

What was Michael Bloomberg like?

Miss Piggy: Yes, well he does make a surprise cameo appearance in the show. Wait a minute, strike that - strike the word surprise.

I think I just blew that one. And yes, we basically - we had to put him in the show because he was certainly to - ban us from New York, ban the Muppets from New York.

So he strong-armed you then?

Miss Piggy: Yes, yes. Oh, he takes no prisoners.

Whoopi and the Muppets, courtesy of NBC

Whoopi and the Muppets, courtesy of NBC

Do the humans play subservient roles in the show?  Whoopi Goldberg is playing a cab driver?

Miss Piggy: Well as I said before, I handpicked all of our guest stars and I cast them as well. So if you have a problem with the casting then...
The last time - Whoopi has worked with us many times before. I believe the last time she played God. It was a role I was first offered but I turned down. It wasnít big enough.

But thatís beside the point. Look, she is a great actress of our time, and I am great enough to recognize that. She has range.

And Uma Thurman as a flight attendant?

Miss Piggy: I told her that it was a magical flight attendant. As soon as I told her that she was on board.

Paul Williams playing an elf?

Miss Piggy: I donít know what there is to read about that. I mean the guy is short. Okay?

He wrote some wonderful songs for us. He didnít write me a solo but you canít have everything, I suppose.

Any connection with Jane Krakowski?

Miss Piggy: Jane Krakowski - I didnít share too many scenes with the others, but I shared a scene or two with Jane. And, you know, I gave her some advice.
While we were just sitting around.
I told her, you know, sheís talented and I think sheíll go far. And she does look a little bit like me.

But she does need some advice. And so what I told her was that she should gain, you know, like 200 or 300 more pounds. And I donít think she bit it. No.

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