Maggie Lawson gives a tease for new season of 'Psych'

"Psych" is a great USA network series that had the season finale back in February.

Actor James Roday plays Shawn, a police consultant for the Santa Barbara Police Department whose Ďheightened observational skills' and keen detective instincts allow him to pass as a psychic.

The series has impeccable casting, witnessed by Shawn's relationship with his father, Henry (Corbin Bernson) who taught him the ropes of police work.

Roday's sidekick, the chill Dule Hill also adds to the alchemy.   His role is a complete departure from his straight-forward character of "The West Wing."

Psych season three premieres on July 18th.  Reruns of the show air Sundays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Maggie Lawson, who plays Juliet O'Hara in the series, spoke to Monsters and Critics about the upcoming season of Psych.  She was joined by director John Landis.

Maggie, what happens in Season 3 of Psych?

Maggie Lawson: Well, there are all kinds of exciting things that are happening in Season 3 of Psych. So far - and weíre at episode - weíre starting Episode 6 right now. There - we meet Shawnís mom, which is a big deal. Cybill Shepherd plays his mother and there is...

John Landis: Wait, plays Jamesí mother?  I didnít know that. Thatís great.

Maggie Lawson: Sheís in the first couple episodes and then weíre seeing how the storylines are going to play out. But I will say this year our episodes are bigger. We just finished a daredevil episode. (Jeff Leahy) had a bunch of stunts.
I just think Iím so lucky to be on a show that I think just continually gets better and better and we push ourselves to be better and better.

This season we add a lot of different elements to the show.

You see a little more of an emotional side to Shawn, Jamesí character. And thereís just some weight that hits really hard this year. I think itís going to be a great season.

Weíll start to see a little more of the maybe romantic side in Shawnís life play out a little bit more with well, Iím not going to give too much away - itís going to be a really good year and weíre so excited that Johnís directing us again.

John Landis: Theyíre sort of blackmailing me into doing it but thatís okay. Iíll tell you, you direct a cable show - itís insane. Itís exactly the same amount of time and exactly the same job as directing like an hour on network and an hour on cable and itís a third of the money. Itís like, wait a minute. 

That for the DGA anyway, not for the SAG people. But for the DGA people itís like, hey wait a minute. How did this happen? But the truth is Psych...

Maggie Lawson: Itís because you love us so much.

John Landis: Well, unfortunately itís true. Psych is a very unusual show in that they all, the cast, really like each other because let me tell you it doesnít happen very often. And itís a pleasant group of people and I really am a fan of James Rodayís and Maggie Lawsonís.

Yeah, theyíre blackmailing me, the f*ckers. Thatís whatís happening.

Maggie Lawson: We have so much fun on the show and yes, the comedy and shenanigans, if you will, that you see on screen is probably doubled off screen.

Weíre always - it almost becomes some sort of game or challenge to crack the other one up, especially when itís their close up.

I tend to be a little more professional - no. But James and Dulť, it is very, very funny. Itís very hard, even if you look at our blooper reels, itís very hard to get through a take without one of them trying to do something to crack - I mean it really does become a game.

John Landis: Thereís a very real problem when youíre shooting and someone gets the giggles because itís like laughing in class or church. Itís contagious and it gets worse and it becomes more and more intense and for directors who are on a schedule, sometimes itís completely annoying because they canít get through a take.

Maggie Lawson: Itís true. When we get the giggles itís very hard to - which happens pretty much every day at some point - but yes. I can understand how for a director that would be like so frustrating because you have to cover...

John Landis: Also itís frustrating because sometimes itís funny.

But you canít - itís like having children. Itís, okay, weíll have a time out now until Maggie and James and Dulť are ready to shoot. because they do - theyíre having entirely too much fun. And they get paid.

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