Slumdog’s child star’s dad now wants more money

The abusive father of the poor slum dwelling kid who starred in Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning film, “Slumdog Millionaire” is demanding more money for his son’s performance.

These demands are on the heels of a public beating he meted out to his son, Azharuddin Ismail, upon his return to Mumbai.

The Daily Mail reports that Azharuddin Ismail, who played Salim was initially paid $1,000 dollars during the filming of Slumdog and $25,000 dollars have supposedly been placed in a trust that Ismail will have access to once he turns 18.

Boyle reportedly also provides a $30 dollar a week allowance and has promised to purchase his family a new home out of the slums for $30,000 dollars.

Father Mohammed tells reporters, “My son has taken on the world and won. I am so proud of him but I want more money. I want the money now, it is of no use later. Mr. Boyle should take care of my son.”

Mohammed was photographed beating his son last week after Ismail begged to rest – returning from the Oscar ceremonies in Hollywood.

The Daily Mail claims Azharuddin’s father Mohammed has tuberculosis said the monies paid his son were ‘not enough’ and that film director Danny Boyle should hand all the money over immediately.

Slumdog producer Christian Colson told the Daily Mail: ‘We haven’t told anybody how much money is put aside for them.’

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