Six Million Dollar Man comes to DVD in a complete series collection

Time Life is set to treat classic television fans with the DVD release of The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Series – arriving exclusively online at a specially branded site in November.

The 40-disc set will be housed in a box sporting an audio chip and eye-popping images. Also included will be the three pilot movies (“The Six Million Dollar Man”, “Wine, Women and War”, “Solid Gold Kidnapping”), the three made-for-TV reunion movies (“The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman”, “Bionic Showdown” and “Bionic Ever After?”), the never-before-released cross-over episodes with The Bionic Woman and more than eight additional hours of never-before-seen bonus programming, with all-new cast and crew interviews, featurettes and docs featuring, among others, Lee Majors and Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman) and much more. 
One of the pop culture smashes of the ‘70s, The Six Million Dollar Man starred Lee Majors as Colonel Steve Austin, a top NASA pilot critically injured when his experimental spaceplane crashed. Oscar Goldman (Richard Anderson), head of the OSI used Austin as a test subject for an experimental procedure, rebuilding his body using cybernetic technology, making him the world’s first bionic man.

Now, Austin works for Goldman and the OSI, protecting the nation from a myriad of threats. 

Based on the novel “Cyborg” by Martin Caidin, The Six Million Dollar Man launched with several made-for-TV movies in 1973, which then spun off into a hit for ABC, running from January 1974 to March 1978.  During its run, the program made Majors a pop culture icon, spawned three reunion shows, another series (The Bionic Woman, starring Lindsay Wagner) and thousands of licensed products, making The Six Million Dollar Man one of the defining TV shows of the “Me” decade.
In a press release, Lee Majors stated: “As the show that introduced me to TV audiences the world over, I have a fond place in my heart for The Six Million Dollar Man. And over the past several years, the one question I get asked most is ‘when will it be available on DVD?’  So, I’m truly excited to be involved in bringing the series to a new generation of fans.”

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