Sister of Boy Accusing Jackson Gives Evidence

The Michael Jackson trial continued yesterday with the sister of the boy alleged to have been abused by the singer testifying.

The girl said she had previously accused her own father of molesting and imprisoning her.

Explaining that her mother had told her how her father had abused her when she was younger: “It was a horrible experience to find out,” she said.

Jackson’s defense lawyer Thomas Mesereau Jr. cross examined her and asked why she had never mentioned this to the police when she was interviewed. The girl said the police had not asked her about herself and only her brother. He went on to ask her about a previous case the family brought against someone else (J.C. Penney), this time the girl said she did not any of the details concerning that.

This was all part of the defense strategy to show the family as greedy manipulators interested in getting money from the star and that they have tried similar tricks before.

The court was also played a video, which was shot as a rebuttal to Martin Bashir’s damaging documentary. The video showed the family praising Jackson as a father figure for the boy who had helped them in many ways.

Finally as Jackson left court he said: “It went very good, it went very good.”

Jackson has pleaded not guilty to four charges of molesting the boy and four counts of administering alcohol to help him carry out the alleged lewd acts. Other charges he faces are conspiracy in child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion, and a charge of attempted child molestation.

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