Sir Elton sues over $4.6 million tax bill

Sir Elton John filed a lawsuit against the Fulton County tax assessor’s office over the placed tax value of the singer’s condo in Atlanta. The value was placed at $4.6 million, but John claims that the price is $900,000 too high.

If the singer wins the suit it could save him about $16,000 in taxes, but he could be looking at more than $77,000 in taxes a year if he loses. The judge has ordered the two parties to try and reach an agreement before heading into court.

John is not the only resident of Fulton County to have issues to the values assessed by the tax office – which has been audited in the past for its value assessments.

John’s musical career has lasted for more than four decades and brought the singer many awards – including being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II on 24 February 1998. Along with a condo in Atlanta, John has residences in England, France and Italy.


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