Single Review: High School Musical 2 – “What Time is It?”

This August many faces will be glued to the Disney Channel to see if High School Musical 2 will be the huge hit that the first one was (a lot of them will be Disney executives with their fingers crossed). 

The first film was a surprise hit.  I don’t think that Disney had any inkling exactly how massive it was going to be.  Afterwards it was just a given that a sequel was going to be in production. 

To whet the appetite of fans, Disney has released a single of the song “What Time is It.” So can this one song judge the movie?  If so, then it has all the hallmarks that High School Musical 2 is going to have the stuff that those Disney execs were hoping for. 

It’s an upbeat, toe-tapping tune about the High School Musical cast eagerly awaiting the “final bell” to signal summer break.  The disc also has a 3-minute music video of “What Time is It” that features a preview of the musical number that accompanies the song that you’ll be able to play on your PC. 

There’s also a link to Disney’s music webpage.  If this is a sign of what’s in store for viewers then I think that those Disney execs will be breathing a sigh of relief and High School Musical fever will peak again.

High School Musical 2 – “What Time is It?” is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information. 

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