Singer says goodbye to the Darkness following battle with drugs and booze

Justin Hawkins may believe in a “thing called love,” but after battling booze and drug addictions he no longer believes in a thing called the Darkness. The lead singer and frontman for the rock band announced he has quit the group, and his bandmates have already announced plans to carry on.

The Darkness are expected to have bass player Richie Edwards step into the lead singer role following Hawkins decision to split from the group.

Hawkins, 31, has been sober for nine weeks following a rehab visit to The Priory clinc in south-wet London. The stint in rehab cause the Darkness to cancel the band’s current tour, but the band members stayed supportive of Hawkins treatment.

In a statement to the Sun newspaper, Hawkins claimed he felt bad for the other members of the band, but that he needed to “move on.” He further claimed that he believed that he would relapse into drug and alcohol if he stayed with the band and in the rock lifestyle. The singer has stated that he spent more than £150,000 on cocaine during the past three years, and an unknown amount on alcohol.
He has also blamed the stress of being in a world famous band and the way they exploded onto the music scene as reasons for his addiction. The Darkness broke big with their hit single “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” in 2003.

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