Sinead O’Connor marries for fourth time

Sinead O’Connor is taking a fourth husband, marrying in Las Vegas. The singer announced her news on RTE radio.

She will marry Barry Herridge in her ‘dream wedding ceremony.’

Sinead went public in her search for love, and looked for love recently with a campaign on her blog:

“I recently read of a woman in America who married and regularly humps her truck. I don’t yet own a truck but I’m beginning to understand her head space. And am worried I too may be so desperate for sex that within days I might run up the road and hump Bray Cab’s whole fleet in one hour. Forty quid clear-up afterward. Can’t say fairer than that. Except maybe a photo for their web-site. Which would be fine.”

Sinead split with third husband Steve Cooney in March.

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