Simon Pegg miffed with Hollywood

Actor Simon Pegg is crying foul and pointing out ‘a flagrant snub’ a decision to exclude him from any creative input for the American version of his hit sitcom, “Spaced.”

The Guardian’s Observer notes that “Spaced”  showrunner Pegg is complaining neither he, co-creator Jessica Hynes, nor director Edgar Wright “were consulted” and feels it was an “effective vote of no confidence in the very people who created the show.”

Pegg squarely blames production companies Granada, Wonderland and Warner Brothers, citing a “sheer lack of respect” in “respectively selling out and appropriating our ideas without even letting us know.”

The Guardian Observer notes the pilot for the new sitcom is being made for the Fox – and McG is helming the project.

Fans of the original show are not pleased with the petered down version of their favorite cult TV show.  Wright and Hynes, according to the Observer, have criticized the planned sitcom. On his website Wright says he does not want to be associated with it.

‘That show was very personal to us. It’s about Simon and Jessica, not just some format or high concept,’ he writes. The director goes on to reveal he has ‘a terrible recurring dream of being burgled in broad daylight (no joke, and no dream analyst required)’.

Variety’s summary of the show ‘Single-cam half-hour revolves around a young man and woman who pose as a couple in order to rent a cheap apartment’, he adds: ‘It pains me to see it reduced to this.’

Hynes, according to the Observer, has used her blog to “warn American viewers not to watch it.”

Aussie Josh Lawson has been cast in Pegg’s role of Tim, renamed Ben and, according to an early review of the pilot script on the website, it closely follows the first British episode.

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