Simon Cowell tells us the more naked the merrier for America’s Got Talent

Yesterday (April 24) saw NBC wheel out the upcoming Summer fare for the press at the stately Langham Hotel in Pasadena.  The day featured a series of panels which was capped off by “America’s Got Talent” producer Simon Cowell, Judges Piers Morgan, an unusually quiet David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and newbie Nick Cannon.

Monsters and Critics asked Simon Cowell if American audiences could handle a talent act like the Swedish version of BGT and AGT where the men danced naked except for the hats covering their wedding tackle.

Cowell was adamant that Americans could handle it.  “Excuse me, I’ll show the American audience whatever they want.  Literally, I couldn’t care less.  You know what I’m like.  I’d show the whole lot.  You’ve just got to talk to the network.
 But I’m totally with you.  The more, the merrier.

Simon continued. “Listen, you guys could make the difference.  Make a campaign that you want us to show a bit more, and we’ll do it.  I mean, literally, I couldn’t care less.  I’d have topless people, whatever you want. (Laughter.)

Nick Cannon jumped in on the subject.  “I’ll get naked.  Just let me know when.

As did Sharon Osbourne, “Please do.”

Simon finished his thought. “But honest to God, I don’t have an issue with it.  I like the idea that we’ll push it as far as we can possibly push it until the point where someone steps in and goes, ‘That’s it.’  But it should be wacky, unpredictable,
and as politically incorrect as possible.

Piers Morgan added his thoughts too. “We have got a man who whips his wife this year.  That’s quite good.  With a great, long 30-foot whip.

David Hasselhoff chimed in, “That’s quite fun.”

Cowell concurred. “But she likes it. She’s part of it.”


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