Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour split

The long relationship between Simon Cowell and girlfriend Terri Seymour appears to be over.

Simon Cowell – currently on British television’s “X Factor” show was reportedly ‘hugely relieved’ that she had made the announcement to the press.

The Daily Mail quotes Simon saying, ‘Thank God.’

Don’t cry for Terri, she has allegedly landed like a cat in the arms of actor Stephen Dorff

The 34-year-old “Extra” reporter is said to be dating 35-year-old Hollywood actor Stephen Dorff, whom she met in September.

Cowell, according to the Mail, could not be more pleased and has been anxiously awaiting the word from her so he can begin a new chapter in his life.

The Mail source reveals: “She has been a weight around his neck for a long time but the problem was that his mother absolutely adored Terri and thought the world of her, so Simon was in a bit of a rut. Now, Terri has moved on and found someone else and Simon is hugely relieved.”

The issues that allegedly broke up the Cowell-Seymour union revolved around commitment, his continued involvement with ex girlfriend Sinitta and children.

Simon, 48, has political ambitions, and in The Mail’s Sunday’s Live magazine, he says, “Politics is showbusiness these days…more and more so. I know I could engage that audience, get people involved. Make it interesting, for God’s sake.”

The Mail source added, “Things are very amicable between Terri and Simon. There are no hard feelings,’ said the source. ‘She has actually done very well out of Simon. He has bought her a house and wishes her every success and happiness. They’ll stay close friends but he couldn’t give her what she ultimately wanted, which was children.”

“Her biological clock is ticking and all Terri really wants is to start a family.”

A spokesman for Cowell confirmed he had split from Terri, and added: ‘They will stay friends. He thinks the world of her.’

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