Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour say the darndest things

Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour are the George and Gracie of our generation.

The two continue the “he said she said” banter over their break-up; the most boring break-up in celebrity history.

The ex-lovebirds still adore chit-chatting the other up to further enhance each one’s career.

After six years together, Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour are calling it quits and come only to “Extra” to have it out.

On who’s the true romantic:

Cowell: Terri.

Seymour: Not arguing with that one…You came home from the dentist and brought me home a toothbrush. I thought that was very romantic and sweet.

Cowell: I know, I kept the free mini floss, love those.

On who spent more money:

Seymour: Definitely you.

Cowell: Not true.

Seymour: Of course it is.

Cowell: You spent more of my money than I ever spent.

Seymour: That’s because when you open your wallet, moths fly out; you should have been born Scottish.

On who had the bigger wardrobe:

Seymour: Definitely you.

Cowell: Are you serious?

Seymour: Yes, you have a 1000 of the same thing.

Cowell: Okay, I’ve got three things – Jeans, sweaters, T-shirts.

Seymour: You’ve definitely got more shoes than me.

Cowell: No way.

Seymour: Actually I beat him in the shoe stakes.

Cowell: I do fancy your Victoria Secret bra collection.

Seymour: So that explains why they’re totally knackered and stretched out..

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