Sienna Miller has no regrets

Sienna Miller of “Factory Girl” fame sat down with UK news The Guardian recently for an interview. What fun she had.

Miller let a freefall of opinion be known, not holding back much, remember the Shittsburgh comment?

With regards to the Pittsburgh/Shittsburg comment, blogger Perez Hilton comments that Sienna “kinda regrets apologizing.”

Sienna said her reason to the Guardian: “Because I was halfway through shooting a movie called “The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh” and the producers were understandably very distressed at the riot I had caused, so it was kind of damage control,” she says.

“I understand the patriotism of that city, but really I don’t think it was that big a deal. I had to meet the mayor live on TV and apologise. It was huge! People are dying in Iraq and where is our focus, d’you know what I mean? Having met me, you’ll realise these things just come out. I think it might be mild Tourette’s, not to insult people who have proper Tourette’s, but I will say the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate time to the most inappropriate person. Always. Guaranteed.”

After questioning her “Shittsburgh” apology to The Guardian, Sienna shared she and her friends renamed other American places.

“Massivetwoshits is Massachusetts. Connecticunt, or Connectibutt. We came up with loads,” she says. “But I don’t deliberately hurt anybody. And, actually, I like Pittsburgh, I do.”

Several things make Sienna angry.  She says, “George Bush [makes me angry]. Dick Cheney, more importantly, the most terrifying man. The fact that we’re fighting a war in Iraq and most of the people over there dying don’t even know why they’re there. There’s an image of Americans in a tank, and an Iraqi woman walks down the street and she sees the tank and the soldiers just run her over. They think she’s getting a weapon and they shoot her, and she’s holding a white hankie. It’s the most futile … it upsets me more than anything. Also, I don’t want to pretend we live in a democracy when we’ve got 78% of the country that don’t want to be at war, and we’re still at war. Basically, we’re living under a fascist regime.”

The Guardian pressed the forthcoming actress for more information, and asked her what the biggest misconception about her was. “That I’m a slut. Apparently. Apparently, I’ve shagged half of Hollywood. And that’s not true.”

Miller dished on Jude Law, she tells the Guardian what “it” was that led her to him: “Everything about him. He’s an incredibly brilliant, intelligent, funny, charismatic, vivacious, kind, beautiful, rich … Don’t put the last thing.”

Talking about the paparazzi to the Guardian, Miller said, “[Being followed by photogs] You feel you’re in a video sometimes. I play these games to make it more amusing, like I’m Lara Croft or something. So I find myself ducking behind cars and I’ve got my girlfriends and we once filled a supersquirter with pee and squirted it at them.”

In addition to spraying snappers with urine, actress Sienna loves her drugs.

Part of her research for the Warhol-era flick Factory Girl, said Miller to the Guardian, “I took a morphine pill, just to feel what a safe way of taking heroin was like. I didn’t really feel a lot. I’m incredibly hardcore. Hahaha!”

“I mean, I still love a waterfall or the odd hallucinogenic drug. I liked mushrooms, which were legal until a year or so ago. If I had a drug of choice, it would be magic mushrooms. And I do like going away to India … But I’m very motivated at the moment.”

The Guardian pressed the drug question further, and asked her why drugs? “‘Cos they’re fun! ‘Cos they’re f**kloads of fun! No, don’t write that. I always end up putting my big fat foot in it.”


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