Shock rock king Alice Cooper to open a Christian recreation center for kids

Alice Cooper, the rocker who brought to life the term “shock rock” has announced plans to open a $3 million Christian recreation center in Phoenix, Arizona aimed at helping troubled kids.

Cooper, 58 and now a born-again Christian, is in the process of raising the money for the center – which will be called “The Rock.”  Although the center will have Christian themes, the singer has pointed out that it will also provide kids with sports and other activities in addition to spiritual activities.

The singer has stated he wanted to do something to help kids that are trapped in the middle of a world that surrounds them with shootings, drug addiction, and gang life.

Cooper also plans to give the kids a chance to learn from his and other rockers experiences. He has already asked other rock icons, such as Ted Nugent, to come to the center and talk with kids.

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