Sex Sent Me To The ER “Clean Up on Aisle 4” VIDEO


Sometimes bending to pick up the soap isn’t the worse thing that can happen in the shower….Sex Sent Me To The ER “Clean Up on Aisle 4” VIDEO

TV Picks:  TLC’s Sex Sent Me To The ER gets slippery when wet…

The thing about sex to keep safe is location, location, location…preparation (condoms) and lubrication. Regardless of where you’re boning, some places are fraught with peril.

In tomorrow night’s episode, a young couple decides to spice things up with a risqué trip to the grocery store; newlyweds are plagued by bad luck that disrupts their honeymoon phase; and a tryst in the shower sends an adventurous pair on a trip to the emergency room.

Random bad places to have sex:

  • Futon
  • Back Alley
  • Public restroom
  • Nana’s House

Feel free to add to the list.

“Clean Up on Aisle 4”

Episode Premieres Saturday, May 3 at 9/8c

Dennis and Ashley are young and in love, but Ashley wants to spice things up. On the advice of her friends Ashley buys a vibrator for herself, and gives the controls to Dennis. They take an adventurous trip to the grocery store where too much fun leads them to the emergency room.

Newly married, Deanna and Dennis decide to take a road trip for their honeymoon. On the trip, Dennis develops a serious infection in his knee. Then things turn worse, when he experiences chest pains and must be rushed to the ER.

Todd decides to join Julie in the shower for some fun, but when Julie tries to manage the tight quarters she slips and falls. Suddenly the couple is in the midst of a horrifying scene. Julie is injured and Todd passes out from the sight of it. The next day things go from bad to worse and they wind up in the ER for a second time.