Seth Rogen, Ed Sheeran Saturday Night Live Full Clipapalooza, VIDEOS


Seth Rogen, Ed Sheeran Saturday Night Live Full Clipapalooza, VIDEOS

TV Rewind: Seth Rogen and rocker Ed Sheeran Highlights from a star-studded Saturday Night Live!

Host Seth Rogen insisted during his SNL monologue Saturday night that he didn’t want nor need any famous friends to assist him, but actors Zooey Deschanel, James Franco and pop star Taylor Swift all showed up to “help” the third-time host.

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Seth Rogen returned to host Saturday Night Live for the third time and brought a few friends with him. Check out cameos from his buddy James Franco, Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift in his monologue, plus performances (“Sing”, “Don’t”) by Ed Sheeran below.

GOP at Coachella Cold Open

In an effort to appeal to young voters, leaders of the “new GOP” take the stage at Coachella.

Seth Rogen Journal Monologue

Third time host Seth Rogen recaps his week at SNL by reading his journal. Zooey Deschanel makes a cameo.

Shallon: Drug Safety

Officer Kellogg’s D.A.R.E. lecture is derailed by Shallon when she persuades her classmates to do crack.

CNN Pregnancy Test

Get the CNN Home Pregnancy Test, for when you want to know that they don’t know, with relentless breaking news alerts.


A husband must do everything for his wife with two broken arms including apply her lipstick, feed her steak and give her wine.

Monster Pals

After relentless bullying, a monster undergoes plastic surgery to look more human and convinces his best friend to do so as well.

Blue River Dog Food

When you want the best for your dogs, be sure to check the ingredients in their food.

Ed Sheeran: Sing

Musical guest Ed Sheeran performs “Sing” on Saturday Night Live.

Weekend Update: David Ortiz

Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz stops by the Update desk to discuss the scandal surrounding his recent selfie with President Obama.

Weekend Update: Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy on Passover

Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy tells Cecily about the traditions and rituals of Passover.

Engagement Party

A big-mouthed cousin crashes an engagement party.

Undercover Sharpton

Undercover agent Al Sharpton attempts to bust a drug deal.

Ed Sheeran: Don’t

Musical guest Ed Sheeran performs “Don’t” on Saturday Night Live.


Learn about the history and traditions of 420 including decorations, Bob Blinger, sconer stones and the purple petey pizza box.

Herman and Sons

A sperm bank holds a going out of business sale before they convert the business to a yogurt shop.