Seth MacFarlane’s near brush with death

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, the force behind one of TV’s most controversial shows about a dysfunctional Rhode Island family, has shared he nearly died on September 11th.

MacFarlane revealed to Extra his 9/11 connection saying, “I was actually booked on the first flight that hit…I missed it by about 10 minutes.” 

As for why he missed the flight, he continued, “It was a combination of a typo on the part of my travel agent… and a bit too much of the JD the night before.”  

MacFarlane added, “I don’t think everything happens for a reason…I think there are coincidences…There are accidents…I can’t afford to attach too much to it…because then I wouldn’t be able to write comedy anymore.”

MacFarlane joins Mark Wahlberg, who also skipped a fated flight that day.  The actor and some friends were booked on United Airlines flight 93 from his native Boston, Mass., to Los Angeles, which was hijacked by Al-Qaida terrorists.  He rebooked at the last minute.

Brave passengers forced the jet to crash into a field in Pennsylvania before it could reach it’s intended target, and the thought that he could have been involved still haunts Wahlberg according to past interviews.

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