Sen. John McCain death threats received at two campaign offices

Unidentified white powder and threat letters were found in two McCain campaign offices.

CBS is reporting from AP sources that in two separate locations on Thursday, threatening letters containing an unidentified white powder have been received at McCain’s campaign offices in Denver, Colorado, and Manchester, New Hampshire.

The campaign office in Denver received a letter containing a threat and “an amount of white powder in it,” a McCain campaign spokesman told CBS News’ Michelle Levi.

“We immediately notified local and federal law enforcement agencies and are looking to cooperate with them,” spokesman Jeff Sadosky said.

McCain’s New Hampshire office also “received a similar letter” according to staffers.

Denver is at a heightened security level in preparation for the Democratic National Convention, which begins Monday.

“As a precautionary measure, we have closed the office and staff are being examined by medical personnel,” a McCain campaign spokesperson told CBS News.

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