Selena Gomez on sharing birthday with Royal Baby George

E! New reports Selena Gomez is super excited to share her birthday with Royal Baby George.

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Selena Gomez turned 21 and, let’s see, what else happened on July 22 this year…

“How crazy is that?! I share my birthday with the royal baby, that’s crazy!” the Spring Breakers star told E! News yesterday in New York at the launch of her Dream Out Loud fall collection for Kmart—an event that, of course, included a big birthday cake for Gomez.

 “I’m never going to forget that ever in my life,” Gomez continued. “Everyone’s going to say happy birthday to me and I’m going to be like, ‘But honestly, it’s the royal baby’s birthday.’ That’s what I’m going to say.”

“It’s crazy, I thought that was so cool,” she insisted. “I was doing press the actual day of my birthday, so they were telling me and they were keeping me updated [on the birth] and it was cool. I’m honored.”.

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