Sebastian Darke: Prince of Spies, the Final Adventure – Book Review

Sebastian Darke together with Max, his talking Buffalope, is on his way to Golmira.  Their friend Cornelius has received a strange message from his father. After a long journey across vast ice fields, they find that Golmira has been invaded by the vicious Tannisians.  Cornelius’s home has been destroyed and his family are camping out in the icy countryside.  

Relying on Sebastian’s jesting skills, the trio set out to enter the city in disguise – Cornelius is dressed as a woman! Can Sebastian get his magic tricks to work successfully? Can they liberate the Golmirran people and return their city to peaceful rule? Will Max ever stop moaning – especially when sitting on a sledge? There are some lovely descriptive sections within the book such as the jeweled city and the singing voice of Max booming out across Golmirra. 

As always there is plenty of action, as well as humor. You cannot help but smile as you read the book. The characters are extremely well drawn, and it is just such a shame that the storyline has now come to an end.  There are plenty of surprises in store – Cornelius definitely does not expect what happens to him!  A good, enjoyable read which makes a fantastic bedtime story.