Sean Penn duped by enemy of State, Hugo Chavez says Alonso

Breaking bread with the backyard despot chummy with Iran, actor Sean Penn has “applauded” President Hugo Chavez as the Venezuelan leader criticized the Bush administration and demanded an end to war in Iraq.

According to the AP, “Chavez met privately with the 46-year-old actor for two hours Thursday, praising him as being ‘brave’ for urging Americans to impeach President Bush.”

“In the name of the peoples of the world, President Bush, withdraw the troops from Iraq. Enough already with so much genocide,” Chavez said before an auditorium packed with his red-clad supporters.

According to the AP, Penn was front and center, “applauding and nodding in agreement.”

Penn is part of a wave of super left leaning celebrities going to Caracas that has also including Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte.

Chavez cited Venezuela’s oil wealth is a key reason for so many attacks in the media on him.

Chavez also said Washington is “afraid that the people of the United States will learn the real truth” about the situation in Venezuela, citing his social programs for the poor.

“If the people of the United States, those millions and millions of poor people … if that nation realizes what is truly happening here, there would be a revolution in the United States,” Chavez said, eliciting applause from Penn.

The AP interviewed another celebrity not so enamored of Chavez – angered by Penn’s visit.

“Cuban-born actress Maria Conchita Alonso, who grew up in Venezuela, said Penn is lending support to a “totalitarian” leader who wants increasing control of society — a charge Chavez denies,” writes the AP’s Ian James.

Alonso told James she respected Penn as an actor, yet she hopes he “comes to his senses and he realizes that he’s being used.”


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