Screen Shots: Castle, Spartacus, Burn Notice, V, and more

-The April 12th episode of ABC’s Castle promises to be a hilarious take on the Leno-Conan late night drama. After the murder of a talk show host (played by Dancing with the Stars’ Tom Bergeron), Detective Beckett and Co. investigate his jealous rival (Bill Bellamy) as a possible suspect. The episode is entitled “The Late Shaft” and includes guest stars Fred Willard, French Stewart, Dan Cortese, and Kelly Carlson.

-Michael Westen’s little team of special ops do-gooders will have a new recruit when Burn Notice returns for its fourth season. Coby Bell, formerly of The Game and Third Watch, has joined the cast a series regular. According to Entertainment Weekly, his character is “a cocky, smooth, and sexy counter intelligence expert who has a chameleon-like ability to assume different aliases. He’s also able to read people instantaneously and come op with a character perfectly suited for preying on their vulnerabilities.” (The Ausiello Files)

In a post-finale interview with Alan Sepinwall, executive producer Matt Nix shared a little more about Bell’s role: “He’s going to be helping Michael, Fiona and Sam in their exploits around Miami…When he’s working with them, he’s a great member of that team, but for various reasons, he’s not someone they can get entirely comfortable [with].” (What’s Alan Watching?)

-The new gladiator series from Starz, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, has postponed production on its second season due to actor Andy Whitfield undergoing treatment for Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The network shared the news in a press release, stating that Whitfield’s doctors discovered his condition in its early stages and are optimistic about his recovery.

-Katherine Heigl is in the final part of the process to negotiate her exit from Grey’s Anatomy after six seasons of playing sensitive doctor Izzie Stevens. Heigl found her breakthrough role on the show, earning an Emmy in 2007 for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, and has gone on to make a name for herself in movies, too. After some behind-the-scenes turmoil over the past few years, ABC seems ready to release her from her contract. (The Ausiello Files)

Anna (Morena Baccarin) and Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) continue to face off in the battle for humanity on V.

Anna (Morena Baccarin) and Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) continue to face off in the battle for humanity on V.

-With ABC’s alien invasion series, V, returning on March 30, showrunner Scott Rosenbaum talked with Jace Lacob of the Los Angeles Times about what to expect from the rest of Season 1, including an addition to the resistance effort against the Visitors, the bizarre but emotional story of Val’s pregnancy, and more revelations about Anna’s devious plans for Earth. Plus, Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Trucco will appear as John May, the mysterious leader of the Fifth Column. (Show Tracker)

Pilot casting update:

-Keri Russell is reported to be joining Will Arnett in Wilde Kingdom, Fox’s new romantic comedy pilot from Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz. She would be playing a kind humanitarian who becomes the object of affection of Arnett’s wealthy, self-centered playboy.

-Rob Morrow (Numb3ers) was cast in ABC’s new legal drama, The Whole Truth, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

-Tom Cavanagh landed the title role in ABC’s Edgar Floats. From Rand Ravich, the creator of Life, the story focuses on a police psychologist who “understands everyone but himself.” Due to money troubles, Edgar starts working as a bounty hunter by night.

The Firefly Alumni Continued Employment Clause:

-The Rockford Files remake continues to build anticipation, this week adding Alan Tudyk to the cast as LAPD sergeant Dennis Becker.

-Summer Glau scored a leading role on NBC’s superhero-themed drama pilot, The Cape. First announced by The Hollywood Reporter, her character, Orwell, is a cute and fearless investigative blogger who seeks out corrupt cops and costumed villains. (THR)

-Jewel Staite and Sean Maher will reunite in guest roles on a Season 2 episode of Warehouse 13, the SyFy series starring Eddie McClintock as a Secret Service agent who works out of a storage warehouse full of top-secret supernatural artifacts.

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