Scotland Yard’s Ghost Squad – Book Review

At the end of the Second World War, practically everything was rationed.  It was an age of austerity and inevitably – criminal opportunity.  The black market boomed as thieves broke into warehouses, hi-jacked lorries, stole, recycled and forged ration coupons.  The police seemed powerless to stop them. 

Then four of Scotland Yard’s top detectives were formed into the Ghost Squad. Their aim was simple – do whatever they could to decrease the power of the criminal gangs.  All they had to do was succeed.  Capstick, Clark, Brinnand and Gosling set about their task using informants, undercover detectives and their own ability. 

The results were amazing.  Within four years, they had arrested 789 criminals, solved over 1,000 cases and recovered stolen property valued at £250,000.  Discovering how they achieved this makes fascinating reading, offering an insight into a period of history about which most people know very little.

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