Scarlett Johansson thanks God for her curves

NEW YORK- Taking a cue from the Spaniards who eschew models and actresses that are more boyish than womanly, Scarlett Johansson confidently works it in cleavage-baring frocks on the red carpet.  Though revealing in her garb, she would rather you not know so much about her.

“I can’t stand those articles where people spill their life story,” Johansson says in the October issue of InStyle magazine, on newsstands Friday. “After a while I feel like I know more about them than their best friend does and that’s weird. It’s better when you don’t know everything.”

The 21-year-old actress, whose screen credits include “Lost in Translation” and “Match Point,” plays a former prostitute in “The Black Dahlia,” opposite Hilary Swank and Josh Hartnett.

Johansson says: “Do I ever get nervous about this, right now, being the pinnacle of my career? Yeah, I do. At the end of (filming) every movie I think, `Wow this is the last one! Nice working with you.'”

Johansson is comfortable in her beautiful skin, and is not one to starve herself or be caught like Kate Boswoth, during Fashion week in NYC with a shriveled breast dangling bare in an unfortunate photo circulating around the internet.  “I’m curvy I’m never going to be 5’11’ and 120 pounds. But I feel lucky to have what I’ve got.”

The New York beauty says of all possible people she’d like to trade lives with President Bush.

“Whose life would I like to step into for the day? The president’s. I could probably get some things done in the Oval Office.”

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