Sarah Jessica Parker scoops up Moore’s Lovelace role

Sarah Jessica Parker is now slated to play feminist trailblazer and publisher Gloria Steinem in the upcoming movie “Lovelace.”

First reports from Us Weekly had “Weeds” star Mary-Louise Parker stepping into the role slated for Demi Moore.

The reports that Moore, 49, stepped down from the role and is suffering some sort of drug-fueled breakdown. 

Moore was admitted to hospital this week following the end of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher. The released 911 tape made public on Friday reveals that Moore became ill on Monday after smoking something that gave her convulsions. She dropped out of the film the next day.

Amanda Seyfried is cast as Linda Lovelace, the porn star who died in 2002.

TMZ reported that Moore’s daughter with actor Bruce Willis, Rumer Willis, 23, may have been present when the 911 call was made.


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