Sarah Jessica Parker directs a prison musical

Adam Shankman is out, Todd Graff may be in, that’s the word on the long in development Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle ‘Slammer’.

Variety says Graff is in negotiations to take over the helm of the Parker comedy, which had once been on Shankman’s upcoming slate. In the film, Parker will play a publicist who goes to prison for taking fashion samples and passing them on to counterfeiters. The movie really takes off once she gets to prison, where she gets the inmates involved in making a musical to polish the prison’s image and save her career.

If Revolution studios does the deal, this will only be Graff’s second directorial effort, though he’s appeared as an actor in several films, most recently in ‘Death to Smoochy’. Graff’s first stab at directing was the 2003 movie ‘Camp’. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.