Sandra Bullock’s car hit by drunk driver on Cape Ann

A drunk Massachusetts woman plowed into Sandra Bullock’s car last night in Gloucester, Mass, where she is filming a movie.

Bullock is filming “The Proposal” in the historic Cape Ann/ Rockport area north of Boston’s scenic North Shore, and was accompanied by her husband Jesse James when they were hit by a drunken driver while being chauffeured in a private car in Gloucester, police said.

En route to their hotel in Eastern Point,  gray station wagon jumped lanes on East Main Street and plowed into their front end, police said.

No injuries were reported.

The couple were being ferried in a black SUV rent-a-car. The Boston Herald reported that the accident occurred in front of the Gloucester Laundromat on Whitemore Street.

The drunk driver was identified as Lucille P. Gatchell, 64, from Gloucester by local cops, who failed the sobriety tests at the scene, she was then arrested.

“It’s unfortunate,” said Lt. Gerry Cook of the Gloucester Police Department said the the Herald. “But it shows you that no one is immune from drunk drivers, no matter how famous you are.”

This was reportedly Gatchell’s first offense.

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