Sammy Ferral’s Diaries of Weird – Book Review

Sammy Feral’s family own a zoo.  He spends his spare time involved with snakes, crocodiles and orangutans.  His friends envy him.  Then one day, it all changes. His father acquires a large puppy called Caliban. 

Unfortunately, Caliban turns out to be a were puppy and bites everyone in Sammy’s family – except for Sammy.  Suddenly Sammy has several werewolves to deal with, all craving for raw meat and wanting to bite Sammy. His only help are Donny and Red who have their own strange collection of mythical animals.

Worse still, a very unpleasant Doctor claims to be able to take control of the zoo within a short time. Can Sammy find a cure for werewolf bites?  Can he save the day? Definitely entertaining and certain to raise a smile. It is light reading, with plenty of amusing illustrations.  This is a book which will have widespread appeal, and will certainly encourage boys to read.