Runelight – Book Review

Maggie and Maddy are twins – but they have never known each other. Separated at birth, they live in different worlds. Both have been born with magical marks – one regards it as shameful, while the other welcomes it. 

Bringing the two girls together will change the world.  Two worlds become one as cultures clash, and the Norse gods regain their power.  It is a dramatic story, with extremely well drawn characters. 

Can Asgard be rebuilt? What will it mean for the future of the world?  It is a challenging fantasy which makes you think as well as enjoy a good story.  There are some quite hilarious scenes too – I loved the arrival of the Norse circus with dwarfs in a cart drawn by turkeys, and the dangerous wolf boys plus Fenrir following docilely on behind. 

It is not an easy read, you do need to concentrate in order to keep track of the story. It is also quite lengthy being nearly 600 pages long – but it is worth persevering.