Rufus Wainwright on Perez Hilton, Anderson Cooper and Beyonce

Recently a guest on the excellent Henry Rollins Show on IFC, singer, songwriter Rufus Wainwright had a telling interview with music magazine SPIN.  In it, he discusses his opinion about celebrity bloggers, mediocre pop stars and alleged closeted news anchors.

A partial excerpt posted on Perez Hilton’s website, from Rufus Wainwright’s new interview in Spin magazine:

SPIN magazine askes him, “Are you sick of cult success?”

Rufus Wainwright: I wouldn’t say that I’m sick of it. I go to the opera three times a week, I hang around in my bathrobe reading Susan Sontag, and I get foot massages from my German boyfriend – I’m going to be fine. That being said, I want to be part of culture. I’m scared of what young people are being force-fed. I’m sick of trash culture.

SPIN Magazine: “Anything specifically?”

Wainwright: “I’m really sick of Beyonce. All of her songs are formulaic and produced in a way that’s utterly mesmerizing in the basest way. There’s no enlightenment. Like most mainstream pop these days, it’s more of a scientific experiment than an artistic experience. But hey, it’s your life, you know?”

SPIN Magazine: “You beat an addiction to crystal meth. What do you think about artists like Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse who seem to turn their substance abuse problems into part of their appeal?”

Wainwright: “I just can’t fathom that for myself. I was so unhappy and confused and in grave danger, really. It’s very sad. It’s rock ‘n’ roll in a fun way, but it’s also hell.”

SPIN Magazine: “Do you read”

Wainwright: “I think Perez actually likes me, which I don’t want to change. So please be kind.”

SPIN Magazine: “What do you think of him outing closeted celebrities on his website?”

Wainwright” “Well, it’s important for famous people to be an example for gay teens. But if they stay in the closet, they’re going to make a lot more money. I go to the same gym as Anderson Cooper. When I look at him lifting those five-pound weights [laughs], it makes me think, “He’s just trying to live his life and be all that he can be.” But he still goes to the gayest gym in New York.”

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